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Due to several circumstances it may happen that the print head inside a Brother inkjet printer dries out or that several nozzles in the nozzle plate are blocked. In some cases the cleaning function of the Brother printer is not capable to free the print head again and to flush all of the blocked nozzles. Beside that the cleaning uses quite some of the valuable ink from the Brother inkjet cartridges. The idea of the here shown method is to flush the ink system from the entrance of the ink, we call it ink ports, towards the nozzles in the print head.

The parking position for the print head does barely provide any opportunity to work on the print head directly. Therefore the aim is to get the print head out of its parking position to the print area. We do that by blocking the switch by using a piece of folded cardboard.

brother printer maintenance mode deep clean

Usually that switch is activated by a notch located on the upper cover. Then we start printing a nozzle test pattern and plug out the electricity supply when the print head has started to move towards the printing area.

Thanks to the open, upper cover You can see that easily. That pad could be a piece of rolled paper towel. That pad prevents nozzle cleaner and dissolved cloggings plus inks coming out of the nozzles to leak into Your printer. To conduct the cleaning remove all Brother inkjet cartridges from the printer.

Each cartridge position is clearly marked for which color it is. So You are able to identify which ink port You need to use to clean a specific color. Couple the refill syringe and the silicon tube by the LuerLock connector.

Take nozzle cleaner into the refill syringe, make sure that there is air, 10 ml to 15 ml, inside the syringe too. This air works as a pressure buffer during the cleaning process. Now press the silicon tube straight on the ink port.

The fit has to be tight. Push the plunger in and build up pressure, let the plunger go to release the pressure. The less pressure You use the better - this protects little structures inside the print head from damages. Depending from the degree of pollution the noozle cleaner needs more or less time to have its impact on the clogging or pollution. As said before it depends on the degree of pollution how long takes that the clogged nozzles become free again and You can see that the circle of spots on the pad is becoming bigger.

A detailed check on the progress is to print a new nozzle pattern with all inkjet cartridges installed again. The pattern gives You a good indication if further cleaning is necessary. This removes residual ink from the outside. Using this method we are able to accomplish excellent results in getting completely dried in and heavily clooged print heads back to work.

The worse the clogging the longer time was necessary to get rid of it. The safest way for Your printer to get that cleaner out is to print it out. To do so please install regular inkjet cartridges filled with regular inkjet ink into the printer again and start printing a couple of print jobs. It does not really matter what you are printing as long as all cartridges are involved. You also print on already used paper as the print job is just aiming on clearing the print head from the nozzle cleaner and not on producing a nice print out.

Keep on printing until colors appear clearly on the print out again. All trademarks, trade names or service marks are the property of their respective owners and are used for identification purposes only.

To category Printer Ink.Actuallly this tutorial reset Methods for Brother Printer is not my original tutorial. I got this tutorial from printer Indoreset Yahoo Group forum. On the forum this tutorial can be applied on All Brother Printer Models. The only method to reset problem in the brother printers you do manual reset. The reset methode below can be applied for all models of Brother Printers. Thankyou for this information… i just followed the direction and it worked.

Can anyone tell me how can I reset the page counter? The guys at Brother told me to turn the printer off, hold menu button and start and just hold the menu button until maintenance appears on the display. Then type 01 to do a factory reset. Care is needed in maintenance mode, otherwise critical settings may be inadvertently corrupted. The purge counter is the 25th item in the list.

Please send me the resetter of brother dcp-j And for the other steps there is no need to press the arrow up or SET button, just press the numbers only! Thanks… it help me in my problem with my brother dcpcprinter.

Brother MFC-J6510DW Service Manual

I just inject my printer with ink. My problem start when i start update the firmware of printer all in one printer scanner and copier n suddnly power gone.

I dont know what to do? Thanks in advance. But take note the Set button for dcp-j is OK button. Thanks, again. When pressing the copy button three beeps sounded. The fix was very simple I noticed that the Digital TAD button was jammed in, on freeing it the copy function worked fine. Ink, connection etc are ok.

Might resetting the print counter help?

Reset Methods for All Brother Printer Models

Then this error appeared.Clogged nozzles - Brother printers. Brother printers have a built-in, permanent printhead. While this allows Brother to use a very high quality printhead, anyone who has replaced the printhead after warranty found out real quick that a new printhead costs more than a new printer!

Whether you use original Brother cartridges or compatible Brother cartridges, there WILL come a day when a few or even many nozzles will be blocked and the cleaning cycles will not solve the problem.

It is not whether it will happen, but most likely when. It is important to understand the problem and why it happens. You just put in a new cartridge and a few nozzles are missing. You run several cleanings, no improvement, or more times than not, the problem is worse Don't blame the cartridge, it is just a box of ink and unless the manufacturer has used the wrong ink which is very unlikely these days then you have just been introduced to the number 1 problem for Brother printer owners.

After 8 or 10 cleans, like a miracle, it starts to print properly Unfortunately the next morning the problem is even worse than it was! How can this be? Now I've got to run several cleanings every time I want to print and sometimes even this doesn't help.

Now my ink cartridges last half as long. It's just got to be poor quality cartridges?! And don't forget, 8 or 10 cleanings can use half the ink in the cartridge so you will definitely get fewer pages from a cartridge if you run many cleanings.

Virtually all compatible cartridges contain at least as much ink as an original; in some cases more. The above scenario can happen at any time, but it most often happens when changing a cartridge or if the printer has not been used for an extended period of time. Why does it Happen?

Brother printers have become quite dependable on informing you when you must replace the cartridges. Seldom will a cartridge actually run out of ink before the printer stops and won't printing again until a new cartridge has been put in.

So the days of running a cartridge dry, and in turn the printhead is pretty much gone. If you've been using your printer on a regular basis then most often the problem can arise when you are replacing a cartridge. If you do run a cartridge dry, then air can get in the nozzles which will block the siphoning action required for the ink to flow through the printhead.

To overcome this problem when a new cartridge is put in, your Brother printer will do a priming. As far as I can tell, the logic is, if the printer can suck enough ink through the printhead, then that should also remove any air in the nozzles. This usually works. Unfortunately it can sometimes suck out so much ink that the wipers start to smear the ink all over the printhead which in turn blocks the nozzles.

The more cleanings you do, the more ink that gets smeared on the printheads and the worse it gets. You have now gone from a problem of air blocking the ink flow on a few nozzles to smeared ink blocking even more nozzles.

If you manage to get all nozzles printing after 6, 8, 10 or more cleanings your problems are probably not over. In fact, your problems are probably worse. That half cartridge of ink sucked out during the cleanings has to go somewhere. Unfortunately there is nowhere for the ink to go except dry on the printhead.

brother printer maintenance mode deep clean

Next day, after the ink has had plenty of time to dry, you're lucky if you've got any ink on the paper when you print. How can new ink get through that thick layer of dried ink?Page of Go. Page - Printout of scanning compensation data Page - Monochrome image quality test pattern F Page - Worker switch wsw setting and printout Page Page - Operational check of control panel butto Page Page - Software version check function code Page - Operational check of sensors Function c Page Page - Switching of timing to execute auto regi Page - Received data transfer function Functio Page Page - Acquisition of white level data Functio Page - Adjustment of touch panel Function code Page - Adjustment of inter-color position align Page - Frame pattern print One-sided Functio Page - Frame pattern print Two-sided Functio Page - Color test pattern Function code 71 Page Page - Sensitivity adjustment of density sensor Page - Operational check of fans Function code Page - Display of the machine history log Fu Page - Sending communication error list Functi Page - Exit from the maintenance mode Function Page - How to Recover from Errors of the Fuser Table of Contents.

Read this manual thoroughly before maintenance work. Keep this manual in a convenient place for quick and easy reference at all times. Brother - network-ready wireless all-in-one printer pages.Does this sound familiar?

The ink absorber, also common in Canon printers, is simply a small sponge pad, and its purpose is to collect excess or spilled ink that builds up during printing. The pad also collects any excess ink that might be spilled when a cleaning process is run a printer often cleans itself before or after a print cycle and this uses a large amount of ink. If your ink absorber is full, you will firstly see excess ink on your prints. The absorber can be replaced, but will need to be done by a brother printer technician and will likely cost more than the printer is worth.

Once an ink absorber has been used many times it can become saturated with ink, but because there is no easy way for software to determine how saturated the sponge is, instead it roughly calculates based on the number of cleans and print cycles that the printer has performed and often as a precaution, over estimates and gives the error message before the sponge is full. As the printer effectively counts the number of print and clean cycles, this is done by something called the purge counter.

The purge counter can be reset using the menu system on your printer via the LCD panel. Firstly before we start, check if your printer is in warranty you will get a 1 year warranty when you buy your printerif your warranty is still valid then always contact Brother support first of all who should fix your printer for you.

To fix and clear the Error 46 message, follow these simple instructions. There are 2 different processes for those Brother printers that have a number pad like a phone ones that can Faxand for those that just have buttons.

Hold this down, then unplug the power cord and plug back in will still holding the button down. It may take some trial and error to find the correct button. There are different ways to reset the counter on printers that have a number keypad, compared to those that just have arrows. A — For printers with a number key pad:. Some more modern keypad printers have a different method to get into maintenance mode thanks to BajaRon for his tips in the comments.

C Troubleshooting and routine maintenance

B — For Modern printers with a number key pad:. Hey Presto! This should reset the purge counter back to zero and stop the Printer Error code 46 from appearing again, at least for a good while! Who knew you could do this?? Mind well and truly blown!

I have been working in the printing industry with TonerGiant for over 12 years and am the resident technical printer expert. I'm also a big fan of all gadgets and technology. Saved my life! Hi there, do you have the error 46 message on the lcd screen?

I wonder if the printer will work anyway, since the purge counter is reset and display … or will it stop working? Thank you in advance for your reply. If the problem still occurs after resetting the purge counter, then the ink absorber pad is full.

This fix only normally works because in most cases, the message comes before the pad is full, so resetting the counter gives you some more time.C Troubleshooting and routine maintenance Troubleshooting If you think there is a problem with your machine, check the chart below and follow the troubleshooting tips.

Most problems can be easily resolved by yourself. If you are having difficulty with your machine Check the chart below and follow the troubleshooting tips. Copy difficulties. Black vertical lines on copies are typically caused by dirt or correction fluid on the glass strip, or one or more corona wires are dirty. See Cleaning the scanner glass and Cleaning the corona wires.

Make sure you are loading the document correctly. Printing difficulties. Check that the toner cartridge and drum unit are installed correctly. See Replacing the drum units. Check the interface cable connection on both the machine and your computer. See the Quick Setup Guide. Check to see if the LCD is showing an error message. See Error and maintenance messages. Make sure that Use Printer Offline is unchecked.

Unclog Brother Inkjet Printhead Nozzles

Then turn off the machine and disconnect from the power for several minutes. Check the settings in your application to make sure it is set up to work with your machine.

The machine prints the first couple of pages correctly, then some pages have text missing.

How to clean Printer Head gdk.runanatsu.pwr DCP-T300

Make sure that you connected the interface cable correctly. The headers or footers appear when the document displays on the screen but they do not show up when it is printed. There is an unprintable area on the top and bottom of the page. Adjust the top and bottom margins in your document to allow for this. See Unprintable area.

brother printer maintenance mode deep clean

As the machine cancels the job and clears it from the memory it may produce an incomplete printout. Scanning difficulties. Software difficulties.Page of Go. Page 75 - Head property data not entered Page 76 - Recording paper size error. Except duri Page 77 - Recording paper jam in paper feeding. Page 78 Page 79 - Recording paper jam during printing Page 80 - PF encoder cannot detect the rotation of Page 81 - Driver IC overcurrent protection activat Page 82 - A1 Scanner cover scanner unit opened Page 83 - The document scanning position sensor f Page 86 - Positioning error of the first side scan Page 87 - During the second side scanning in the A Page - 1 ] Update the head property data stored Page - 3 ] Print out a nozzle test pattern Fun Page Page Page - 5 ] Update the paper feeding correction Page Page - 8 ] Adjust margins in borderless printin Page Page Page - 9 ] Create head calibration data and wri Page Page Page - 10 ] Print out a total quality check pat Page - 8 ] Set an ID code change the serial nu Page - Sensor Operational Check Function code Page - Purge Operation Function code 76 User Table of Contents.

Read this manual thoroughly before maintenance work. Keep this manual in a convenient place for quick and easy reference at all times. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Brother - professional series network-ready wireless all-in-one printer pages. Multi-protocol on-board ethernet multi-function print server and wireless erthernet multi-function print server 70 pages. Page 2 Each company whose software title is mentioned in this manual has a Software License Agreement specific to its proprietary programs.