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dacmagic 100 vs topping d30

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Cambridge Audio DAC Magic vs Topping D30

Location: Madrid. Location: Philadelphia, PA. SBurkeNov 18, Location: USA. Last edited: Nov 18, Location: Albuquerque, NM. I'm guessing the Topping will have a similar sound for less money and no headphone out.

Topping d30 mod update. MUSES01 to OPA445BM x2 to MUSES03 x2 ( 100% Genuine)

ChuckyBuckNov 18, Location: Finland. Sinister FootwearNov 18, Another explanation for why I suggested using some different resampling algorithms to try to fix a recording that sounds wrong on a Schiit multibit is because the Schiit multibits use an optimized filter that causes phase issues in a recording to be more obvious. With the Schiit DACs I can flip the absolute phase and hear that some of the imaging and presentation in the recording changes.

With many delta-sigma DACs I can't hear that sort of change. The Schiit multibits make phase issues in the recording more obvious. The flip side of that is with very good recordings where everything is in phase you can hear all of that goodness. So, using a different resampling algorithm that is not so optimized like that can kinda blur and cover-up the phase problems in the recording and make it easier to listen to. You won't be distracted so much by the phase problems being so obvious.

But the problems in the Philip Jeck - Live in Geneva recording are so wrong that I don't think that would fix the recording. It may help a little. But won't fix. Even using a different DAC won't fix. The problem in that recording is likely due to microphone placement and microphone setup.

The fix would be to go back in time and give the audio engineer there a Schiit multibit DAC to listen to how the microphones are setup and the recording system is setup and fix those problems before recording the live performance. Location: Saddleback Valley, CA. Sinister FootwearNov 19, SBurke and timind like this. I've owned the Topping D50 for around 8 months and I'm extremely happy with it.Discussion in ' Audio Hardware ' started by eirismaniaJun 16, Log in or Sign up.

Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Location: Berlin, Germany. I am about to buy my first DAC. Is it as good as I've read? Any others? Thanks in advance for your help. I think you can get it from France as well. Kiko and eirismania like this. Location: Stockholm. I brought my CD's and enjoyed them very much in my friend's system.

Ric-TicJun 16, Location: Sunshine State. I have listened to it many times and I got to say it is an amazing dac. Location: Bexley, Ohio. DaleClarkJun 17, Location: Wales, UK. Plenty of tech talk in this lengthy pink fish thread. Hope it helps. Location: Alberta Canada. Tim 2Jun 21, MaxxMaxx4 likes this. Location: Winnipeg Canada. MaxxMaxx4Jun 21, Please allow me to correct my post.Super Best Audio Friends.

Read these "rules" AND introduce yourself before your first post. A healthy approach to understanding measurements Being true to what the artists intended. This is going to be a stream of consciousness review. As an aside, there might be a few measurements of these DACs floating around in the measurements section if you are curious.

The minor glitches, jitter, noise floor, distortion, etc. In other words, the measurements aren't telling us anything that we can correlate to what we hear. Don't buy this. I'm not sure if there is even an manufacturer website for this Topping outfit. Most crucially, it sounds like shit. It's flat and boring. The stage is close, but not only close, there is no depth to the stage. The timbre or overtones are weird, as if there aren't any or greatly muted.

Resolution is poor, microdynamics are poor, macrodynamics are poor, extension at the extremes is poor, everything is sucky. The iFi Nano developed distortion and odd tone in the right channel. It showed some promise with an easy going nature and dark tonality - an improvement over the original iFi Nano which I wasn't a big fan of ; but unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to fully assess it before the issues appeared.

Can anyone help me on how to obtain warranty service? Or maybe I should just return it to Amazon. Just overall just very good, more resolving than the others, and not failing in any respects. A neutral, but not lean tone, with a hint of sweetness in the mids to highs.

The Modi Multibit seemed just abit less resolving than the SDAC but surprisingly still held its down compared to the others. The stage location might have been placed a bit closer than that of the SDAC, but depth, layering, and localization were a big step up compared to any of the others.

Compared to the SDAC, the downsides are bit more congestion in the lower registers. Last edited: May 16, PhilimondemattedRichgard and 13 others like this. IIRC iFi audio is a member here. Perhaps they'd care to help with the Nano's developing issues? It's cheap enough that any damage incurred might actually be to its benefit, no?Cambridge Audio DacMagic Black.

Check Price. Best Pick. General Specifications. Cambridge Audio. DacMagic About the Product. DacMagic takes the sound from your computer, iPod, TV or other digital devices and delivers it to your amp without losing a drop of detail, depth and clarity. Experience a truly premium digital audio experience. The DacMagic Plus has fantastic new features including wireless device connectivity and stunning audio performance from music of all formats.

Built-in DAC.

dacmagic 100 vs topping d30

Wolfson WM Cambridge Audio DacMagic Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus. What customers say about "Key Specs". Height Width Depth Weight. Enclosure Material. Frequency Response. Power On, Source. OS Compatibility. Wireless Connection. Frequency Response Max. What customers say about "Features".Log in or Sign up.

Messages: Location: Grand Rapids Michigan. I think I have narrowed my search down to these two. These two seem like good options.

Cheap DAC OFF: Topping D30, SDAC, Modi Multibit, JDS EL DAC, iFi Nano BL

Does anyone have any experience with these units on a vintage system? Shark BaitJun 26, Messages: You really do not need for extra headphone amp with MAGIC PLUS,it is so good that you will notes dif after 30 sec of comparing with anything out there in that price range.

Volume knob is bit funny to use,bit after days you will be fine using it, that is all. Thanks for the input. Have you listened to the Topping?

What kind of system are you playing the Cambridge Audio through? Shark BaitJun 28, Messages: 1, Location: Toronto. I would recommend the Topping D30 over the DacMagic for two reasons: marginally better sound quality and a much lower price. The Topping is about a year or two old and the DacMagic is several years old now. Perhaps the newer DAC chip is the reason. In terms of price, the Topping was one-third the price the DacMagic.

dacmagic 100 vs topping d30

Build quality is about even, perhaps a slight edge to the DacMagic. I don't think you can go wrong with either one, so I would recommend you choose based on price. McBruJun 28, Messages: Location: South Wales, U. I wonder if either the DACmagic or the Topping D30 would actually be an upgrade, or would there be no noticeable difference? Could it even be a backward step? I seem to remember that the difference with the C and C was that they have 2 Wolfson DACS instead of 1, but they have the same spinner and servo as the C.

Any other upgrade ideas would be welcome as well. PowertechJul 17, Audio went digital and now pretty much everything we listen to is stored as a bunch of 0s and 1s.

To create audible sound that reaches our ears, we need to convert the digital file back into analog sound waves. This is all acceptable until we start hooking these things up to audiophile speakers or headphones. Imperfections are easily picked up. Check Price on Amazon. These affordable plain old DACs offer some of the best sound performance for the price.

The Schiit Modi 2 was not a great performer in tests. It had lower output, higher noise and jitter and inferior linearity when compared to the Topping D30 below. However, the sound can be described as meatier. This actually makes it a more enjoyable listening experience when plugged into a stereo amp powering loud speakers.

The design is equally unremarkable. Sound is very detailed and rather neutral without any significant coloring. Between the Topping D30 and Schiit Modi 3, the consensus seems to be the Modi 3 sounds slightly better, and it does indeed measure better in objective testing.

The Topping A30 headphone amplifier is designed to be the perfect partner, but you can pair it with anything. The FiiO K3 is tiny, much smaller than its pictures would have you believe.

For such a cheap DAC and amplifier combo, the K3 has a couple of nice features. First up is the UAC 1.

dacmagic 100 vs topping d30

In UAC 1. Switching to UAC 2. Secondly, there is a bass boost which is far superior to that of the E10K and good enough to not just be a simple gimmick. Overall this is a terrific budget option and definitely worth considering over the Schiit Modi 3 or Topping D30 which would require buying a separate amplifier. So those with power-hungry headphones like the Beyerdynamic DT or Sennheiser HD s should consider something else.

Audioengine are well-known for their excellent powered desktop speakers and their desktop DAC does not disappoint.

Any thoughts on the Pro-Ject DAC Box S2+?

Roughly the size of two decks of playing cards, the Audioengine D1, though compact, is not designed to be portable. Based on the high-performance AK DAC, the D1 is capable of processing digital audio up to bits and any sample rate up to kHz. The resulting sound is warm and rich with punch bass. It also marks the current volume level, which Audioengine apparently forgot about.

Stunning design, incredible build quality and great sound for your home. This is the kind of DAC you want sitting right bang in the middle of your sound system.This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Forums New posts Search forums.

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Aibo 5. Pros : Sound is absolutely great - it's detailed, energetic and well balanced. Great build and connectivity. Cons : None at this price point. I've been on a DAC testing spree last few years, but this summer I tried D30 and I was genuinely amassed by it's sound. Build is great and you all know the specs so I'll just skip to the important part which is sound and how it compares to other DACs I tried. First, let me tell you where I'm coming from. Next cam even better HRT microStreamer which offered more clarity and layering.

How does it sound? It's very well balanced and natural. Bass is deep and punchy but extremely well controlled. Mids are present and full of energy, and highs are detailed but not bright or thin.