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Brought to the main stream by David Paulides, the massive number of mysterious disappearances from National Parks and rural locations is just staggering.

Deorr Kunz Jr, went missing on 10th July age 2 whilst he was on a camping trip at the remote and isolated Timber Creek camp site on the edge of Stone Reservoir, in Leodore, Idaho, with his parents, grandfather, and a friend of the grandfather.

The campsite is remote and takes around two and a half hours to drive to from Idaho Falls. The last part of the trip takes them along the rocky track from the local town to the campsite. The road is a complete deadened, and the campsite is situated at the end of the road. Upon arrival they set up camp. That morning, Kunz and Mitchell say they took DeOrr to a general store for supplies and snacks after cooking up a full breakfast.

Following their return to camp, the Parents say they went looking for a place to fish, leaving DeOrr Jr in the care of his great-grandfather. Kunz says they made it 50 yards from the site before discovering some minnows he thought DeOrr would love to see. Search and rescue crews used all-terrain vehicles to comb the landscape, while divers scoured the nearby reservoir.

Searchers look on horseback, ATVs, foot, and in water for Deorr. They focus on a two and a half mile radius around the campground. One area of concern is a creek about 15 yards away from the campsite. The area is searched numerous times. Volunteer search efforts are suspended but deputies say trained professionals will continue to look for the boy.

The family has been very quiet about the whole event and various theories have surfaced regarding what happened to DeOrr. Ignoring alien abduction, paranormal activity and some other very strange theories you can find on reddit! Third — it could have been a possible planned or unplanned homicide.

Fourthly — DeOrr died in a tragic accident and his body is either still undiscovered. Or his body was removed to cover up the accident. Mysterious disappearances Brought to the main stream by David Paulides, the massive number of mysterious disappearances from National Parks and rural locations is just staggering.

Reported missing : pm July 10th Location : Timber Creek camp ground, Stone Reservoir, Leodore, Idaho Timber Creek campsite Deorr Kunz Jr, went missing on 10th July age 2 whilst he was on a camping trip at the remote and isolated Timber Creek camp site on the edge of Stone Reservoir, in Leodore, Idaho, with his parents, grandfather, and a friend of the grandfather.

Search crews arrive and begin to look for the toddler.

mt shasta missing 411

There has been no trace of him since. Little DeOrr Kunz Jr has not been seen since The family has been very quiet about the whole event and various theories have surfaced regarding what happened to DeOrr. What really happened to DeOrr Jr.? One theory investigators have is that he died and his body could still be somewhere near the Timber Creek Campground. You may like. This website uses cookies and some data tracking to improve your experience and serve adverts, We assume you're ok with this, you can opt-out if ftx central select a simulator wish.

Accept Read More.For centuries people have been disappearing from National Parks and forests under incredibly chilling circumstances.

Author David Paulides, a former Los Angeles police officer, has painstakingly investigated this bizarre phenomenon for over nine years. Missing is a book series which chronicles incidents which seem to defy all logic. Hundreds of unusual missing persons cases have been analyzed and share eerie similarities. Those lucky enough to survive have no recollection of the events that transpired. Thousands of strange vanishings have occurred and only a handful of individuals have surfaced with any memories intact.

One such example is the mystifying case of a young California boy. According to Mr. They scoured the area he had last been seen in complete panic-stricken horror. After hours of feverishly searching the little boy still had not turned up. Now desperate, the distraught father decided to call local police deputies and United States Forest Service officers. Rescue personnel combed the forest well into the night yet there was no sign of the toddler.

Five hours after John had disappeared authorities found him laid down on the brush directly next to a trail that had been previously searched. He appeared to be in a dazed, semi-conscious state. Doe attributed this to exhaustion and were simply grateful their little one returned physically unharmed. Medical staff gave full clearance so the freshly reunited family were permitted to return home.

Yet only a few weeks later the small boy would share a disturbing tale about his terrifying ordeal. John Doe disappeared in the Mount Shasta area of California.

Confused, she asked him what exactly he meant. John explained that while he was lost in the woods he had been taken deep inside a mountainside cave by a woman he thought was Grandma Kappy.

She led him into a cool, dark spider-infested room filled with motionless humanoid robots. Scattered across the floor were dusty purses, guns and various types of other weapons. In this moment he realized she was not his real granny. Kappy firmly instructed the boy to defecate on a piece of paper.

When he refused she became increasingly agitated and repeatedly requested him to do so. Eventually the grandma-lookalike succumbed to frustration and moved onto a different topic. Shortly after this extraordinary account she took the boy back outside to a thicket and advised him to wait for help. Supposedly John was brought deep inside an underground cave system where he saw dusty purses and guns. Upon hearing this disturbing story, an outraged Kathy called her son and demanded to know what he was allowing her grandchild to watch on television.

Doe lamented that he had heard an identical recollection only a few days prior. Initially the two chalked it up to an overactive imagination. What kind of TV show would feature some of the ludicrous topics that the boy described? With those particular thoughts in mind, Kathy decided to share a haunting experience of her own.Paulides has classified over 1, missing persons cases under the Missing label.

At its core, Missing is the vague claim that something unusual is occurring related to deaths and disappearances in national parks. The concept has been steeped in the milieu of conspiracy and the supernatural, as Paulides frequently appears on paranormal-oriented radio shows and podcasts to discuss it. A forthcoming documentary appears to be in the works as well. I have been unable to ascertain the meaning of Interestingly, Paulides has consistently avoided providing any explanation for the cause of these supposedly mysterious disappearances.

When pressed for a causal explanation, Paulides has remained evasive. He sees his role as an investigator pointing to a problem, not a cause. Alien abduction, ghost involvement, faerie kidnappers, and transdimensional chupacabra can all be swapped in and out as possible explanations for this apparent mystery. The topic seems to be constructed with intentional ambiguity, promoting any nonscientific idea to fill in as a possible explanation.

Could it be that an underfunded and understaffed National Park Service and related police departments lack the tools and ingenuity to determine that an unidentified serial killer is at work in the parks? This is not outside the realm of possibility. Of course, it does seem that Paulides leans toward more supernatural conclusions.

I was fascinated by the intrigue of the Missing Its Blair Witch vibe would have me eagerly in line on opening night of a Hollywood thriller with this premise. My curiosity was also piqued by the vagueness of the claim and the remote possibility that Paulides could be onto something legitimate—but with a practical explanation.

Are the supposed Missing cases real cases or works of fiction? Every case I checked related to real events; Paulides is not making these disappearances up. One case involved a hunter who never returned from his hunt. His car was found but his body was never recovered. A second case involved a hiker. Yet both cases are banal and devoid of any apparently unusual qualities.

In another case, two stranded parents with known drug problems had a car breakdown during a snowstorm.

The Mysteries And Legends of Mount Shasta

I was unable to confirm the scattering, but I was able to confirm their infant child was never located. The oldest victim in my audit involved a sixty-nine-yearold hiker climbing Mount Shasta, moving alone in wind conditions estimated at seventy miles per hour. Once he split off from his companions, he was never seen again.

The text is decorated sparsely with this and other head-scratching nonsequiturs. For example, in the last case of my brief audit, a woman named Amy disappears while exercising. Her body was never recovered but her wristwatch was found in a river bed years later.Carl Herbert Landers, a year-old Orinda, California resident, disappeared on Mount Shasta, north of Sacramento, California during an attempt to climb to the summit on May 25th, He was accompanied by two friends, Milton Gaines, aged 64, and Barry Gillmore, aged 60, who he had met through a local running club.

mt shasta missing 411

At an elevation of 14, feet The mountain and surrounding area are part of the Shasta—Trinity National Forest. It averages 59 inches of snow per year, compared with the US average of 28 inches.

On average, Mount Shasta has erupted at least once every years during the last 10, years, and about once every years during the last 4, years. A person in good physical condition can make the climb through Avalanche Gulch on Mount Shasta in one day with good weather and snow conditions.

However, most climbers are successful in reaching the summit when they take two days. Most people like to go partway up and spend the night to accustom themselves to the elevation usually at camp or Lake Helen. If you climb above 10, feet which if you are attempting a summit of Mount Shasta, then you will bethen you also need a Summit Pass. Horse Camp m, 3. Head straight up Avalanche Gulch to Red Banks, but bear right of the "heart" as if aiming for Thumb Rock usually, you can see a groove for glissading: just follow it up.

Coming down takes about 4 hours: 45' to Thumb Rock, 30' to the bottom of Red Banks this usually takes a while because it's so dangerous1h to Helen Lake, 1h15' to Horse Camp, 30' to the parking lot. Carl's colleagues and friends described him as an experienced climber, hiker, and distance runner in good shape. For 30 years he had run every morning and even completed the Boston Marathon in 5 hours 30 minutes. In his later years, he had the ambition to climb the highest peaks in every county of California.

In Maya year before he disappeared he climbed Mount Shasta, but didn't manage to reach the summit and vowed to return to reach the peak. The route they planned started at Bunny Flat Trailhead, at 6, ft, a distance to the summit of Mount Shasta of around 6 miles. This was the Southern Avalanche Gulch Route.

Abduction or imagination? Is something in our forests?

From Bunny Flat to Lake Helen the elevation is 10, ft, a distance of 3. The night before the group's visit to Mount Shasta on May 22nd,the three men stayed together in a motel.

From there they hiked 4 miles to a place called Horse Camp. Carl was taking a drug called Diamox Acetazolamide to combat the effects of altitude sickness. He was also suffering from diarrhoea and had to leave the tent several times during the night to relieve himself in the midst of a blowing gale. Hypothermia and dehydration is not a good combination on a mountain climb and can often lead to trouble.

The lake is a short distance, around feet, around the side of the mountain from the campsite and at a slightly higher elevation. He was wearing layers of clothes including a rust coloured coat, ski pants, plus boots with crampons. Milton and Barry saw Carl disappear around the curve in the Mountain and that was the last time he was ever seen. His friends packed up and subsequently left the camp, around 30 minutes after Carl. But, after a short time, Barry returned to the tent which was left at as he too wasn't feeling well.

Any experienced hiker knows that it is not a good idea for a group to split up and at this point, all three of the climbers were separated from each other. Milt, therefore, got to Lake Helen on his own and he asked a ranger if he had seen anyone passing through on the way to the mountain.

He replied that he had seen only one person, so Milt tried up to catch up, but subsequently discovered he was way too fast to be Carl, wearing the wrong clothes, and he turned back and asked the ranger again but to no avail. So Milt headed back to to try to meet with Barry again, hoping Carl would be there. This was around 5 pm. Unfortunately, Carl wasn't back at the tent, he had vanished and his kit was still left around the campsite. Milt then decided to hike back to Bunny Flats at around 8 pm and notify the Siskiyou County Sheriff that Carl had disappeared.

The Siskiyou County Sheriff's Department started searching the area the next morning, May 26th, after Carl was reported missing on a grid pattern basis, using the National Guard air ambulance helicopter and a CHP helicopter equipped with an infrared sensing device called FLIR. A ground search was subsequently conducted on ski, horse and foot by U.For decades, a big number of people have gone missing around the country especially places like Lake Tahoe and Mt. Charleston in the Nevada area.

Weird Story Told By Child Missing on Mount Shasta - ROBOT GRANDMA?

The persons found were retrieved under unusual circumstances in many cases. Some would be discovered miles away from where they were camping, confused about how they got there. But why would anyone hiking in the wild strip naked, exposing themselves to the elements?

David got the idea for his book after speaking with a ranger who came to him about the people that go missing on an annual basis. David was interviewed on the Good Day news show and explained that there are 28 geographical clusters around the United States where these occurrences are most likely to happen.

Yosemite is another hotspot for unexplained disappearances but due to the Freedom of Information Act, are required to release information regarding the missing, but for the right price. The first publicized report of a missing child was in a newspaper column in The boy was 6 year old Larry Jeffrey who was vacationing with his family. He walked away from his brother near Mt. Charleston and never returned.

The local authorities set out on a 5 day search made up of a few hundred men. There were no large animals in the area or car access.

That remains a mystery today as he was never found and with no solid explanation for his disappearance. Another interesting case concerns a mountaineer named Carl Landers, 69, who disappeared on Mount Shasta while hiking with friends. According to his friends Milt Gaines and Barry Gilmore, Carl had complained about not feeling well and decided to take a head start toward Lake Helen. His friends never caught up with him and never saw him again.

mt shasta missing 411

Carl was described as a very experienced climber so it was unlikely that he fell. No trace of Carl was found. Not even his equipment, backpack, or clothing.This content community relies on user-generated content from our member contributors. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression. It looks like you're using an Ad Blocker. Please white-list or disable AboveTopSecret.

Thank you. Some features of ATS will be disabled while you continue to use an ad-blocker. Thanks to volunteers and rescue personal he was found. My son said "He was here, then within a second he was gone. They thought he had been abducted by other campers.

Im the only grandma Kappy", He said "Dont you remember when I was wost in the woods? I was too scared, so I didnt touch anything. But, when she climbed a ladder, the light made her look like a robot. There were other robots too, but they didnt move.

411 Missing Unexplained Cases – DeOrr Kunz Jr. Mystery

She told me that I am from outer space, and they put me in my moms tummy. Then she took me back to the river and said to wait under the bush until someone found me. I called my son and ask What the H are you letting my grandson watch on tv? And I told him what he said. He said that he told them the same story a few days ago.

mt shasta missing 411

But, chalked it up to having the smartest most amazing kid with the biggest imagination ever. Im grandma, so I of course have to agree I know that kids have imaginations, but it was the pooping on sticky paper that really makes me wonder, Ive never watched a tv program that mentioned pooping on sticky paper.

There were other details too much to list. But, one of the reasons I am bothered by this story, is because I was camping in the same area the year before. And, I woke up one morning face down in the dirt, out of my tent, and sleeping bag. I had a puncture wound in the back of my head. Im a grandma in my 50s, I dont sleep in the dirt!

I was violently ill. Too sick to even pack and go home. I thought it was a spider bite. It took me a very long time to feel normal.

I had no creativity, no emotions. My friend was camping with us. He was sleeping in his camper.David Paulides is a former police officer. He has spent the last several years gathering thousands of case files of missing people. Missing focuses on people who have vanished in mysterious ways. The missing person often shows up days later, in a location that has been searched many times. His work began in the U. National parks.

While researching missing persons cases, he learned that the park service keeps no record of missing people. A Sobering Coincidence focuses on young, college-aged men who have disappeared from urban areas, often near water. Hunters: Unexplained Disappearances focuses on experienced hunters who have gone missing.

The film follows the stories of several kids that have gone missing from national parks. Watch Missing on iTunes or Amazon. Support us on Patreonand help us keep the mics on! Skip to content. The dudes try and get to the bottom of the Missing series by David Paulides. Is it bigfoot? Dimensional portals? Liked it? Take a second to support The What If? Podcast on Patreon! The What If? Minneapolis, MN.