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Mike Soldano called me. Sent a few questions about mods for the SLO to the tech email address yesterday. Mike called me today and went over a few of the mods and what they are. Basically he clarified the mods: The Warren Hynes mod is so warren could roll the overdrive back to as he likes it that way and doesn't get ice picky. The amp gets brighter as you turn the overdrive back. Ok Want because I do not crank the overdrive.

The SRV mod has a slight mid scoop. He built an amp for SRV and he didn't get much time with it before his death, unfortunately. Ok want Demartini mod he said doesn't exist.

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Such a great guy! They've built a few amps for me with custom options. Soldano only has 4 or 5 people, including Mike, that work at the shop. Very small operation and the original "Boutique" amp company. Really is NOT worth it! Hope that helps! SLOgriff wrote: Talked to Mike a handful of times.

One of the mods I would want done to it would be a depth mod that could add more low mids, instead of low knox staff directory. This was my biggest gripe with the SLO For the warren hayes mod instead of removing the bright cap I like reducing it from the stock pf to pf. As far as mods, I know my tone pref.Mike Soldano confirms BAD buy, but he will still design amps. I have reached a place in my life where I no longer wish to handle the business side of things and focus on what I enjoy most — designing and developing awesome amps and related products.

For many months now I have been seeking a company that can carry on my brand and Boutique Amps Distribution was the clear choice. They have the resources, talent, and passion to manufacture Soldano amps to the standard of quality both I and my customers expect, right here in California, USA. Together we will be bringing to life some of the products I have been wanting to make for a long time. Many thanks for honoring me all these years with your loyal support and I hope you continue to do so as I transition to this exciting new chapter of my life.

Stay tuned - Soldano is about to get better than ever! Best wishes for a HappyMichael Soldano Going to 11 since ! Good for Mike and I am glad to see Soldano will still carry on in this form as Mike is interested in other projects.

Since B. This is exciting news that I'm sure many are looking forward too and hopefully the B. Also this is great as people like myself who have owned SLO's in the past and were thinking of picking up another don't have too pay the ridiculous prices for a used SLO that some of the greedy people are now asking.

Does B. Great for Mike. Interested tohear what new designs he mentioned. Good luck Mike. Don't own any of your amps but they sound good.

I once saw an SLO with black alligator tolex and matching 4x12 and I had to excuse myself from the proceedings. I think running the company took up time he could spend on cars and then the time he spent on cars took up the time on designing new amps. Glad to hear Soldano amps are coming back in a new way. I personally feel a bit of sympathy and a bit of empathy although I could never put myself in Michael's shoes for Michael.

In my opinion he never received the well deserved recognition that he should have back in the day. I remember Michael always striving to build first rate top quality guitar amps and I was fortunate at that time to own one of his SLOs. Stunning amp if simplicity and very impressive high gain crisp articulate tone is what your chasing.Log in or Sign up.

Marshall Amp Forum. SlashLP97Jun 18, Joey is your best bet for this kinda stuff. Yeah I'm pretty Offended Being that I'm the Moderator over at Sloclone, have built a few of these, and contributed countless mods to these amps that do just that!

Joey VoltageJun 18, CrosbyJun 18, You guys are giving me gray hair! And I'm only 24! So, if you have any ideas Joey I would be honored to hear them! It's not really a Soldano though. I built it myself, it is just very loosely based on a SLO Very loosely.

I gave that as an example because I don't have a schematic handy to post and I figured "My amp sounds too hairy, how can I fix it? When I was home for lunch just a few minutes ago I added a 1nF from plate-cathode on the 4th gain stage, made a world of difference, but I am definitely open to all ideas!

Again, no offense! And I agree with Buggs, is my beer Luckily I get off work at The traffic around here is hideous, so I work to avoid it. Noon was the official start of drinking time when I was in college Also, I figured you guys didn't take offense to much, but I am new and people like to be mean to the new guys sometimes, so I was just covering my back.

I really do want to hear Joey's input though, I've gotten lots of compliments on the amp and anything to make it better would be great.Amp is practically brand new. Fast shipping, communicative seller, and amazing packing.

Soldano Amps

Super happy! I will ship with tracking to the listed regions.

soldano mods

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Oops, looks like you forgot something. Please check the fields highlighted in red. Yes, that's correct Do not update. Excellent Used Excellent items are almost entirely free from blemishes and other visual defects and have been played or used with the utmost care. Hot Mod. Reverb collects tax on the sellers behalf.

Learn More.Discussion in ' Member Classifieds ' started by JoshJan 9, Log in or Sign up. Marshall Amp Forum.

Joined: Sep 27, Messages: 12 Likes Received: 0. JoshJan 9, Joined: Oct 8, Messages: Likes Received: 3. Is there a way to know if it will work on a certain model of marshall?

I believe it will and I think they were actually designed for that particular model Marshall. I used it in my '86 which is almost the same amp as yours. Here's the list of models it works in per the instruction manual.

JoshJan 15, Wait a minute I could buy a full set of Mullards from the '50's for less than that and have a real tube, not a conversion thing like the yellow jacket things that end up overheating and burning up. It's not just a tube. Then it has a 6k11 tube that plugs into the top of it which adds an extra gain stage to the amp. It's basically a plug and play unit for people that want more gain out of an amp without permanently modding it and the ease of simple install or removal. Comparing a retube with a Hot Mod is like comparing apples and oranges.

You can buy a full set of NOS Mullards and improve tone, but its not going to give you a dramatic increase in gain like a Hot Mod is designed to do. A stock has classic rock levels of gain, with a Hot Mod it puts it into heavy metal territory. In myI'd say it almost doubled the amount of gain it had. If you're a blues, classic rock type of person I can see where the Hot Mod wouldn't be worth it, but with any kind of metal or more modern style where you like a higher gain sound it's really useful, and somewhat hard to come by since these have been discontinued a while.

I'll give a dollar for it The tube itself is a hard to find type of compactron, and are expensive not to mention the base is loaded with proprietary circuitry. Joey VoltageJan 15, Pm sent I was just starting the bidding out Joey I wouldnt use the thing if he gave it to me Same dude has the same thing on EBAY for This is a classified ad. Let the guy try and sell his item without knocking him down.

MartyStrat54Jan 16, I personally think this is an awesome idea. Good luck with the sale man! Item is sold!Forgot your password? By CenturyStandingNovember 25, in Amps. I know Soldano offers a whole bunch of factory mods for SLO owners.

Aside from the Depth and Warren Haynes mod most common onesdo you guys know what else they offer? How much do they charge? What is the typical turn around time? Was it an easy process? I know I should just ask the company themselves, but I'm having some e-mail troubles at the moment and can't shoot them an e-mail.

I figure you guys should have some info until I can figure that out. I think you should ask yourself what YOU are looking for, then you ask them if they can do it. I am a dihard soldano fan I have a number of them, my 2 fav in my avatar they just kill. Sooo heres what I know Below are some of the more popular mods, and the additional price for them beyond the stock price of the amp.

If you call soldano you get either Bill Sundt or Mike Soldano, both are super cool and super laid back. Turn around is about 2 weeks door 2 door. Its an easy process except for shipping an amp. The decatone model has all the popular mods built in SRV, Haynes, Depth and has 3 channels, the slo rhythm channel split into two channels, and the lead slo channel, its the model I would reccomend for a 1st soldano, or a hot rod, or L13 if you want fender clean and gain. Do some digging on the net.

All of these mods are do-able by a decent tech. For example: on the gain knob for the lead channel, there's a little treble bypass capacitor that's attached across the pot.

This lets the highs bleed through when the knob is turned down. Do some Googling, and don't forget to include the word 'clone' in your search.

Soldano preamp style mods

He was looking for something to replace his vintage Supers on stage. His SLO had an "altered" and "normal" switch on the back and when it was flicked to altered, it cut the mid so he could get more of the woody, scooped sound of his Fenders. Yeah, IMO it is a stupid mod. The only reason it sells is because it has "Warren Haynes" in the title. Every SLO owner I've spoken to who got that mod installed has regretted it.

That being said, I've heard in place of the Haynes mod some people get a "Normal Cut" switch.Moderator: VelvetGeorge. Metropoulos Forum The place for vintage amp discussion.

FJA modded Yamaha T50 Soldano designed clip 1

Skip to content. Quick links. How do you get these freakin knobs off!

soldano mods

I know the caps come off, but I'm pretty sure the knob's not going to just come off. Anybody have a source for these? How is the Depth mod typical done? Anybody know where I can get a 1M audio Clarostat pot to do this? It probably doesn't matter, but I would like to have it match the rest of the amp.

Any further guidance would be appreciated. Anybody else familiar with this mod? Lefty loosie? I'm about to send this thing out the window. Is it the same as the depth mod in the schem at the sloclone link above? The thing that concerns me about that is the series cap in the FB loop, but I imagine it is a "thud" filter to save speakers with the enhanced low end response.

Does anybody know if this is the "depth" mod from Soldano? I got the knob off, veins retracting back into my forehead Last edited by roberto on Sun Aug 02, pm, edited 1 time in total. I have a claro RV4 1M pot on order. If anyone has a pic of how this mod is laid out, I'd appreciate it.