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Everyone wants new and amazing features on Whatsapp. There are so many hidden features of Whatsapp that can be unlocked. We can unlock and customize more functions of Whatsapp after we tweak it. For this purpose, WA Tweaks Apk can surely make our work easier. Well, If you are not familiar with this Android application then read some details about this awesome app. The application is created by alexa.

There are so many amazing features are provided in Whatsapp Beta Program only. You can get those features on your official Whatsapp application by using WA Feed rate calculator. This app works very smoothly on the newer version of Android like Nougat, Oreo etc.

But, you must have root access to your phone in order to use WA Tweaks. You can easily use this amazing app on your Android device. But there is no any Android app that can modify the official Whatsapp. But, using this awesome application you can make changes to the official application of Whatsapp.

WA Tweaks is itself not more than 8MB in size. You may also like Whatsapp DP latest collection. These were some of the main highlighted features of WA Tweaks.

You can explore lots of more features after you use the app. If you feel bored from the Whatsapp Old user-interface, then must try this app. You can make so much customization on your Whatsapp. You can also send Zip, Apk, Exe files after using this amazing app. Before downloading, make sure you have root access to your phone.

We have added WA Tweaks app which can be downloaded just by one click.Then you have the chance to enjoy all the hidden features always coming in WhatsApp. This app in English and also this comes as a freeware application.

Also, there is a very user-friendly user interface.

How to Enable WhatsApp Status Feature on Android

So that anyone can easily handle this app as they need. There is no need for worrying about the safety of this app because this app is free from any virus and malware. So if you think how to open secret WhatsApp functions on your WhatsApp, you can easily enable all the hidden features with the help of WA Tweaks app on your smart devices.

Before you go through this installation process, you have to root access your Android device using SuperSU or what else. Because WA Tweaker required root permissions on your Androids. WA Tweaks app is a most feature-rich application which comes to all the Android smartphones, tablet and phablet devices.

We are going to present all about its features from the list below. You can easily edit multiple hidden settings which are coming from WhatsApp. As you know WhatsApp beta already updated with new hidden features. Without an internet connection, you can easily Unlock all the Hidden settings which are coming from WhatsApp. You regularly keep calling your loved ones in your WhatsApp because this is the best path to call your friends, loved ones for free of cost.

By using the WA Tweaker app on your smartphones, you can immediately download all the WhatsApp status of your friends and family members.

WA Tweaker app you can use to change your default theme of WhatsApp account. You are looking anyway to change it, no matter you can easily do huge changes in WhatsApp with the help of the WA Tweaker app. Normally, WhatsApp always sends only 30 images at the same time. When you send Photos and Videos on your WhatsApp friend, it might be seen in the lower resolution.

The reason is WhatsApp already compress the images and videos. However, you can solve this matter by disabling those settings if you have the WA Tweaker app. Yes, this app allows enhancing the quality of your Photos and Videos without any issues.

Yes, now all the WhatsApp user can use the password lock to their chats and archive. Because you can keep your data safe with the WhatsApp chats and archive by adding a lock.

No matter, if you are using Xposed Framework because this app is easy to handle on the Xposed Framework too. But if you need too much time, you have the great chance to use the WA Tweaker app to disable it. So with the help of this handy app, you can easily send images in the original resolution, Express Full Resolution Photos, and Videos with good quality, adjust the maximum size of files, Download WhatsApp Status quickly and more customization options can earn from the WA Tweaker app.

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Share 0 Tweet Pin 1 1 shares. Clean Master APK 7. Purify APK 2.There are many features WhatsApp is launched daily. I mean look at the green color every time. Now there are several codes to turn all options into WhatsApp instead; you can use the WA Tweak apk to activate these features and the code will be automatically written to that file. You do not need to do anything. There are many hidden features available in the official application of WhatsApp.

But to enable these options, you must do the editing in the shared profile folder in your root directory of the WhatsApp app. This application is disabled by only 4 MB and it has various features in which you can install new emoji in your WhatsApp app. There are some bugs in this app, but in the next release, these bugs will be solved soon. WA Tweak does not personalize and publish your official WhatsApp.

If you want to edit GBWhatsApp then you can not do it. There is an integrated package of WhatsApp is in form in WhatsApp. WA Tweak apk is the Android application with many features. In short, we can say that this small application is having tons of features that will help you customize your WhatsApp with just a few clicks.

If Xposed Installer is installed on your Android phone. Then you can color your WhatsApp app and do many other things. This is a kind of application and module too that allows users to make many settings in just a few clicks.

If you are interested in iOS 10, new emoji from WhatsApp, you can also do it with the help of this tweaker easily. You need a rooted device for WA settings. Download Now. Direct download Apk by ApkFact. This way you can download WA Tweaks 2. Hope you will love this app. Enable all settings and enjoy the modification of your WhatsApp. Thank you for visiting and visiting for more tips and tricks. Share this article with your friends and show how they can customize WhatsApp with wa tweaks apk If you have any questions, do not hesitate to comment below.

Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave A Reply.WhatsApp is customized daily by some of the issue or modders.

Download WA Tweaks 2.3.6 Latest Version Apk For Android 2017

There are many good and new features is launched daily. We all use Whatsapp daily and while using whatsApp we might be unsatisfied or unhappy with Whatsapp customization. I mean that watching the same color every time as like green.

TodayI am going to tell you the simplest way to customize your WhatsApp. So guys, there are many hidden features available in official WhatsApp application. When you turn on those option you need to do editing in shared pref folder in your WhatsApp application root directory in your android device. Download WA Tweaks 2. In this there are many code to turn every option in WhatsApp instead you can use WA Tweak application to enable those features and the code will be automatically written in that file.

WA Tweaks is the Android application which help the users to unlock the hidden settings features which are also available on WhatsApp. WA Tweaks is developed by Alexa which is one of the best developers who has developed this Awesome Application to unlock the hidden setting features which is available on Wahtsapp.

This application is just 4 MB and it is having many features in which you can install new emoji in your Whatsapp App. There are some bugs and issue in this application but in future release, those bugs issue will be solved soon.

wa tweaks

What is WA Tweaks? We can say that this small application is having huge numbers of features which will be helping you to customize your Whatsapp in just a some clicks. This is the simplest way you can download the WA Tweaks latest version on your Android device.

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Share on Digg Share.The surprising factor is some App maker try to make Modify the Whatsapp and enable their hiding features. The Whatsapp is popular on all over the world and must value apps on play store. Are you irritate only to show one type of green background color on Whatsapp. You can customize this just help of WA Tweaks. If you do, then it not runs correctly. Whatsapp is messenger which is a help to connect the people each other.

Download WA Tweaks Apk 2.7.6 Latest Version for Android

WA Tweak is an Android Application. The main aim of this app is to tweak Whatsapp App and make more features.

I want to just test video call to your friend, editor. You use this Tweak; then it connects to easily. This app makes by the group of developer, but credit goes to LIbsuperuser, a Library project containing reusable code to call su.

I hope you must follow all above step and customize your WhatsApp. If you face any problem then just write down your issue on the comment box. Thanks for visiting share this article if you free. His curiosity level, for Technology, has made him special and his such skills are reflected on his websites. Top 10 best Line App Bots list. How to Get Grammarly premium for free on Free Spotify Premium Account on Free Amazon Prime Account in Download WA Tweaks Apk 4. Must See. Contents 0.

Download Apk. Kedarsan Sahoo. You might also like. How To. Prev Next.

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Show Comments 1. Allows the apps view information about network connection such as which networks exist and are connected. Allows the apps end to background process of the other apps. This may cause othe rapps to stop runing.WhatsApp is having some great features. Nowadays WhatsApp is working with something great which is WhatsApp status. WhatsApp is trying to give their users something better and amazing and they have recently launched to the WhatsApp status feature which is great and in this tutorial I will be telling you the way you can enable WhatsApp Status Feature on Android.

In this one year, WhatsApp is regularly updated in his beta and the best part of WhatsApp is that it is coming up with the best update. In the recent updates, you might have seen that WhatsApp has come up with the video calling feature which is one of the best features they have come up.

Now, soon they are coming up with the feature of WhatsApp status which is again one of the best features if you might have seen WhatsApp parent company which is Facebook then they are trying to come up with the feature of Snapchat on all their app now.

Such as InstagramWhatsApp. Now, this feature is not fully functional and working in most of the devices but you can check the way it will look and try it on your device. This is the hidden feature which is completely having a new user interface. WhatsApp Status is a completely different way of activating or putting the status on WhatsApp. Which is the unique one and coming soon in WhatsApp. It is something like Snapchat in which users can input their photos and videos Live and share with others and you love ones.

You can set the privacy of how you want to keep your status. It is completely a different thing which you can try and share your status. Facebook is trying hard to eliminate the Snapchat and give their feature to Instagram and Snapchat.

This feature is hidden on WhatsApp and if you want to avail this feature in your phone then you need a rooted Android device and Wa Tweaks which will be helping you out to avail this feature in your phone.

Now, this feature is hidden on your WhatsApp. Basically, the codes are already written for that application but the thing is you need to activate the feature using an application called as WA Tweaks. Wa Tweaks is the fastest way to activate those feature for you. You need a rooted Android device which will help you out to activate these feature on your phone.

WhatsApp will activate these feature but the thing is these features are not yet activated on all the places you need to wait for it. Thank you for visiting and if you face any issues then feel free to comment below.

Keep visiting for more tips and tricks like this and I will meet you in the next one. Donate Contact Us Report Bugs. Table of Contents 0. There are many hidden codes in WhatsApp which is not shown to their users. This application helps to check out those settings.WA Tweaks Mod v2. You can use this app on your unrooted device and rooted device too. Still, you can use lots of additional features which are not available in original Whatsapp. So check out the cool feature of this app below.

This new Whatsapp mod will do so many tweaks on your Whatsapp, it will change your experience to using Whatsapp. As we know, official Whatsapp provides some extra features in their beta version. But now you can get those features on your Whatsapp with this WA Tweaks v2.

This application is working on latest version of Android that is nougat. So try at least once, enjoy the great features of this mod. With this WA Tweaks apkyou can unlock the hidden setting of official Whatsapp. There is so many mods are available on the internet which allows you to change the user interface, themes and so many more things you can do on Whatsapp with the help of those mods. Whenever the official Whatsapp update comes, this app is updated their app too so bookmark this site for getting new updates.

This app has their own identity and only supported in official Whatsapp. You can enable and disable the features anytime when you want too. On the internet, there are no mods available that help you to customize official Whatsapp but WA Tweaks can do this easily. If you are bored with emojis then you can install latest emojis on you Whatsapp. In WA Tweaks has some more cool features that will make your experience much better than WhatsApp mods. And this is the only one who can customize the original WhatsApp.

So check out the cool feature of WA Tweaks below. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Saturday, April 18, Forgot your password?